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  • Bhutan


    One of the last Shangri-La’s and referred to as the Land of the Thunder Dragon, Bhutan is often considered as one of the many sought after tourist destinations for its remoteness, breathtaking mountaineer beauty, the flora and the fauna and the ancient architecture.
    Hidden away from the world, by the eastern Himalayas, Bhutan has been home to great seekers who not only visited the land but had a big hand in enriching its rich culture and heritage. A country of scenic hills and rocky terrain, Bhutan exudes charm with every bit of its existence.
    Spread over approximately 46,500 sq km, this country is an amalgamation of classic cultural history, ancient monasteries and stupas, magnificent mountains, dense forests, pleasant weather, awe-inspiring architecture, amazing people, ethereal-white waterfalls and much more, waiting to be unearthed.
    Travel Bhutan and witness the nature revelation at its best. Choose the best tour packages and feel elated with our exquisite tours and travels. Feel your entire being turn into a bloom with our luxury travels. 
    So awaken the explorer in you and embark on a journey to Bhutan that’s going to fill your heart with new experiences and memories you will cherish for life.

  • India


    There are very few places that you visit with one thing compulsorily tucked in on the top of your suitcase – a checklist. And, it becomes even more important when you think of travelling to a country that is so uniquely placed on the world map 
    Snow-capped mountains, never ending beaches, the lush green forests, golden deserts, historic monuments and the list could go on but, words will still fall short of describing India on a page. It is no more a land of snake charmers and is better known for its ability to mesmerise tourists from all across the globe. Virtually impossible to cover roughly 3,287,590 Sq Km of such vastly diversified land if you don’t have a quick list that keeps peeping out of your pocket to remind you where you are headed. 
    When you are here, you will realize that, the country has way more to offer than its significant share of natural beauty. So come, soak in its beauty and take home a part of India that you won’t be able to separate from yourself. 
    Travel India and enjoy the bellyful of varying colors with our wonderful tour packages.
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  • Malaysia


    A cultural melting pot, finger-licking cuisine, natural beauty, action-packed adventure, ancient rainforests, exotic marine life, warm, genuine people who will greet you with a smile every time you cross them on the street, and one of Asia’s best markets are what make this small country, Malaysia worth every visit.
    With its dense jungles in its mountains to thinly populated cities, remote tribes and the beaches, Malaysia is like a long finger of land extending south from Asia and pointing towards Indonesia and Australia.
    A land of diverse cultures, Malaysia offers one of the best assortments of cuisines of the world. Despite the pockets of ethnicities, religions, landscapes and the distances between them, Malaysia is a fusion of it all and comes across as the safest, most stable and manageable in Southeast Asia.
    Ever grabbed a paint brush and dipped it in all the colours? This is how it is when you travel Malaysia! Orbit around the country with our best tour packages and turn your gait into that of a travel devotee with our amazing tours and travels. Leafing through the pages of this country, you will be directed to the best eye catching wonders with our luxury travels.
    If you are an explorer who dives deep into the cultures of different parts of the world, Malaysia is the place for you. And, yes there is good food too!

  • Myanmar


    “It is quite unlike any place you know about,” wrote Rudyard Kipling. People still using horse and cart to move around, holy men are known more than your pop sensations. 24X7 ATMS are a rare sight, however, look around and you will find a country still set in the era of British colonial rule. Less has changed since then.
    This is Burma for you. It is a time travel. Stretching from at one end, from the islands of Andaman Sea to the eastern Himalaya range, Myanmar as Burma is known in the modern day, is a traditional delight for travel lovers.
    Dense jungles, snow-capped mountains and spotless beaches, combined with rich glorious heritage, grand monuments await to mesmerize you with their charm and exquisite structure. Cruising down the mighty river, or packed in a hot air balloon, or riding an elephant back in a lookout for a tiger, Myanmar offers you more adventure than you can imagine.
    Go and kiss the verdure with our mesmerizing tour packages. Our tours and travels services, will unveil the true tones of happiness for you. Travel Myanmar and feel the unbreakable spell, which will soothe your heart and brim it with the love for mother nature.
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    So come with an open heart and Myanmar will surely fill you up with warmth, beauty and experience!

  • Nepal


    An incredible trek for weeks in mesmerizing mountain scenery, a hot meal and a cosy lodge, warm smiles greeting you and temples structures that will blow your mind away. Where else can you find all this except Nepal. 
    Nestled comfortably in the Himalayas, between India and China, this tiny country is home to the tallest mountain peak in the world, the Mount Everest. From snow peaks, to temple-lined city squares, from bustling markets, to centuries old stupas and monasteries, from national parks that house exotic bird species to jungles that are inhabited by rhinos and tigers, Nepal has just everything for a travel lover.
    Be it bargaining at one of the city square markets, or just spending a lazy afternoon at the bakeries and pizzerias, Nepal feels like a mini world in itself. The country has is so mesmerizing that you are bound to come back here to soak in its beauty again.
    So get packing, as Nepal waits for you with open arms.

  • Sri Lanka

    Sri Lanka

    Air heavily scented with Jasmine, spicy food, endless beaches, beautiful Buddha temples, warm and ever-smiling people, rows of palm trees on either sides of the roads and the tea plantations that go on into the horizon are just some things that make up Sri Lanka.
    Lying to the south of India, few places can boast about eight UNESCO’s World Heritage sites as Sri Lanka can.
    Accessible yet beautiful, tangible yet pure. Travel Sri Lanka and attain the best mnemonics enshrined in your heart with our luxury travels. Enjoy tour packages, which will allow you to take a dive and splash in the folds of alluring attributes of nature. Sitting in the canopy of moonlight or enveloping yourself in the sun kissed ambience, sojourn the land of comely sights with our tours and travels.
    The country has so much to offer that it becomes nearly impossible to cover the whole of it in one trip. You are surely to come back.
    Places are within short distances of each other. The centuries-old temples, the walk down the mellow villages, lazy bird watching, strolling past the colonial architecture in the capital city of Colombo and not to forget, the little dishes that you can savor with rice and curry!

  • Tibet


    Known to the world as the Buddha land locked away in the highs of Himalayas, this country has been a mysterious amalgamation of the past and the present, the historic and the future. The roof of the world, Tibet is the land of explorers. Dreamers come on a spiritual journey, globetrotters come to embark on a journey that will teach them a lot and make them unlearn a lot more.
    With its fabulous monasteries, breathtaking high-altitude treks, stunning views of the world’s highest mountains and the most likeable people you will ever come across, Tibet is one of the most remarkable places to visit in Asia. Go past the lakes that make their way from between the mountains, sit beside the chanting monks or go on an adventure through world’s wildest roads, the voyage is breathtaking. Travel with your eyes open and your hearts empty. Because Tibet will give you eyes full of scenic memories and fill up your heart with experiences that you never knew.
    So get packing and visit this land of snow soon!
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